Tuesday, December 29, 2009

4,3,2,1,1 Dudes corchet beenie!

4-3-2-1-1 Guy's Beenie Cap


SO, I'm a guy, and I crochet, YAY! Don't think I'm so macho? Step a little closer so my hooks and needles can hear you!

The name for this pattern is the decrease pattern that is used to finish off the hat.

ANYWHO, I needed a hat that was quick, easy, versatile, and stylish... for dudes!

I personally cant stand the over feminine stuff that we have out there that look ugly and that guys want nothing to do with, so I came up with this hat pattern.

It follows the following criteria:

  1. Its easy!, no gauge involved! You can literally do this hat millions of ways and not have to calculate gauge.

  2. There are no limits to the yarns you can choose! By weight that is.

  3. Its fast, I call this my one hour cap, because it is!


1)Choose a yarn: Worsted, Bulky, or Super-Bulky it doesn't matter!

2)Hook: use the same hook for any yarn you choose! (don't mix and match weights!)

3)I suggest a J/ 6.0mm hook

4)Yarn cutter/ scissors

Getting Started:

Chain enough Stitches to snugly wrap around your head (tail to tail)

note: this differs by yarn, so I suggest using the following suggestions if you worry

      1. for worsted weights chain around 70 st

      2. for bulky weights chain around 65 st

      3. and for super bulky chain about 55-60

Being careful not to twist, join first st and last st to form a ring, ch 2

Rows 1-9* dc in each st, join with a sl st in ch2

*bulky and super bulky yarns use less rows, bulky will have 8, and super bulky will have 6 rows and that will be the body of the hat.

Row10: Ch2, dc 3, *skip next st, and dc in next st, dc 3, repeat from * (this means you will have 4 dc then 1 decrease) Join with ss

Row 11: Ch2, dc 2, *skip next st, and dc in next st, dc 2, repeat from * end with ss.

Row 12: Ch2, dc 1, *skip next st, and dc in next st, dc 1, repeat from * end with ss.

Row 13: Ch2, dc, *skip next st, and dc in next st, dc, repeat from * end with ss. (dc, skip 1, dc)

Row 14: repeat row 13

Finishing off: ss in dc directly across from hook ( this s closes the hole) then weave in ends.


chawna said...

AWESOME! I LOVE easy-to-do patterns. I think my partner will love this one!! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Just finished making this hat and I love it! This is my new go-to pattern for hats. :)